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They… "That's all we know. They've all been delayed for nearly an hour with plenty of complaints around him and muttering. Nobody has ever loved him so unconditionally and honestly that it all felt like a dream. 487 40 9. "Calm down, Eiji.". Inhalt ist versteckt. This resulted in him getting elbowed in the stomach, though it only hurt you because he activated his quirk. Eiji (2 eiji stories) Subscribe for tag feed Exclude this tag from all searches Promoted - Advertise. Eiji loves that smile. He is shown wearing glasses when reading, suggesting that he’s long-sighted. “I love you, Ash,” answers Eiji and kisses Ash´s forehead. You must have lucked out big time, punk.". Seite: 1 - 2 - 3 ... 17. Ash's entire demeanor changes, from baffled to a mellow, affectionate relief, spreading his arms for Eiji to topple up against him, practically in Ash's lap. Eiji just happens to live in his old apartment. The low, hum of machinery and Eiji's own heartbeat. Hot New #1. Following her to her village and learning the residents as well as thei… The feeling of finding your soulmate. However, when it became apparent that her sister's genius was blooming, her parents argued about the future they wanted for her, their father wanting to nurture her genius, while their mother wanting her to live a normal life. Sadness is written all on Ash´s lips, he can´t help but feeling blue that afternoon. anime; ashxeiji; bananafish #16. He trembled and they looked at each other. His knees tremble. Eiji Okumura is the deuteragonist of the Banana Fish series. Eiji knows there are some pains that will never disappear, some wounds that are going to ache forever even when you have found all the happiness this world can give you. Eiji thinks that Ash is like broken glass: something that has been shattered in a million pieces and every single piece hurt more than a whole. He was initially believed to be the Order User who was responsible for the Great Destruction ten years prior to the current storyline but it was later revealed to be his sister. She wraps an plump, lightly freckled arm to his, chattering on about her own grown-up son and their flights together during the holidays — and once he's within reach of the cabin-door, Eiji harshly nudges her sideways, tripping into the wall, and then managing to scramble to escape. A very real, very alive puppy was in their living room. - No matter what? Because Ash has given him flowers, because Eiji remembers his mother told him once that the flowers have its own language, those flowers mean something but the only thing he can think about is that they are a present from Ash and every little thing that comes from Ash is absolutely flattering. About a year later, Eiji invited her on a trip to the US with Ibe for a report on gangs in New York. It didn’t concern Eiji, rather, it made him feel at ease. Hoshimiya Eiji is a young boy with light-blue eyes and short, black hair. Geschichten 1 bis 20 (von 51 insgesamt): Der etwas andere Urlaub. "Thanks, Finleap." He has blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and is extremely beautiful in appearance, as remarked on by numerous characters in the series. My happy garbage. Both of them are still trapped in each other´s embrace. Blue Skies [EXO] Kyungsoo’s looking forward to spending the summer at his family’s vacation home. "Hey! Ash is holding a beautiful bouquet of red, pale pink, orange and yellow flowers and Eiji takes it into his arms. I tried writing asheiji fic for the first time! Fandom: Prince of Tennis Characters: Eiji/Tezuka Seigaku Regulars Prompt: 16. Yes, Ash has been his first in more than one way for him: Ash has been the first to ask him to stay by his side forever and there they are, looking at each other´s eyes. His dark eyes mirthful. Because when Eiji is holding him, he´s just a boy that can have hope. Ihre Unterschiede sind vielzähliger als ihre Gemeinsamkeiten, aber unter den Deckengemälden der Public Library, zwischen dem Herbstlaub des Central Parks und weit über den Dächern New Yorks knüpfen sie eine unmögliche Verbindung. He's not that great of a liar. Fuck, what a headache. I know I´m a shitty gunman but I´ll learn. He´s just there, looking at his flowers in awe as Ash looks at him with a shy and adorable smile on his lips. Add to library 42 Discussion 10. Waryum's species has one as well, though not to the same absurd degrees.²* HeelFaceTurn: ²** Waryum more or less [[DefeatMeansFriendship becomes another of Kirito's bunch after their initial misunderstandings are cleared. "Thank god…". Eiji regains control of himself, brushing away Ibe's hands and nodding to the middle-front of the plane. Not even a slight facial twitch from him. “Ash… what´s wrong?”. Nameless faces of the ones he’d killed, his old girlfriend, Griff, even Foxx – they all came to visit him in the dark, bloody, accusing. A place where loving Eiji and making him happy was his only concern. He was so comfortable in the couch hugging Ash, his cheek leaning on the top of his head. Eiji was an accomplished pole vaulter before an injury interfered with that. “Here you go Eiji!” Kagome said as she shoved the cup to Eiji’s lips and poured it in his mouth. One of the women ahead of them huffs and bickers noisily with her husband about a backyard party and Tiffany Manchent, that slutfaced whore!. Eiji was so tired he didn't even change into his pajamas or went to bed. Aslan Jade Callenreese is silent in his arms, his arms are wrapped around the Japanese boy, and Eiji knows that´s because the pain is there again. Banana Fish isn't mine. But I didn't wake up.". … Eiji’s body jerking, as he took the bullet meant for Ash. Ash wants to catch the echo of those words in his own mouth forever because Eiji is the first person to tell him those words. And maybe it was because it was dark, or because thunder could be heard the moment the door slammed open, or maybe because Eiji was thinking about Dad at the time— a combination of all three was plausible— but Eiji jumped out his seat when the door slammed against the wall. His hair limp, a paler and dustier yellow under the florescent lighting. "What was that, Ei-chan?". “I told you not to let me sleep like that…” says Eiji and his cheeks are all painted red. Ash's right hand chucks out, sloshing water and melting onto the tray. It's kind of random, but it… That's never what he wanted for his mentor. Little did she know what she would be getting herself into. Browse through and read eiji otori fanfiction stories and books She got accepted into a college in Japan which is where she soon met Eiji. Any Banana Fish EIji fanfics . "Yes, Twigbranch. Oddysey of Hurt is a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction written by Miru. Vote. Ash considers this, shuddering involuntarily, holding over his wound still and blinking out the perspiration from his eyes. I looked at Alderheart hurt gazed in my eyes. Summary : Tezuka’s comes to visit after a trip. “I would happily go wherever you want to go. Ibe and Charlie, and even Max who pops in for a visit, has said nothing about Ash. I always enjoy all your stories E! The taxi driver who got him here in a little under fourteen minutes peered outright at Ash's blood-slick fingers and didn't bring up the subject, cranking on the evening-time radio. The Japanese boy is sitting on the floor, in front of a window. I gotta use the bathroom really quick. Seite: 1 - 2 - 3. In HC, one can shade into another and it's okay because no real people are being hurt during the filming of this fanfic." ", There's a kind of profound and devastating sadness in Eiji's gaze that doesn't belong there. First he gets captured and [[BeingTorturedMakesYouEvil tortured by Mirai,]] then he finds out Yuna knew all about Kirito all along and loves him despite him being an alien. The light of the sun comes through and shines on Eiji´s smile. Fading back to consciousness snaps him upright. In moments like that one, Eiji knows that words aren´t necessary, Eiji knows that Ash only needs to know that he´s there by his side. "… Ash?" This is a post-canon story Ghost AU where Eiji comes to NYC after his pole-vaulting accident. 191K 9.3K 66. Eiji was about to grab her again, when Kagome stole the cup from Inui. Eiji is well-known for his Acrobatic Play. Breathe. March 20, 2018 Mayura Walker . It's been five months since Death Gun was defeated and taken into custody. For all the world he has been just a precious object to be possessed or a solitary wild beast which is also a destructive weapon. He held on Ash's hand which went down to the neck. But in Eiji´s arms he is just Aslan Callenreese, in Eiji´s arms it is amazing to be Aslan Callenreese. Sometimes the tears appear as well and Eiji caresses Ash´s back slowly, Eiji doesn’t ask Ash to stop crying because Eiji knows that some tears are really necessary. Browse eiji fanfics and stories. "I've only been working with the patients since before—". Ibe shouts, frozen in place as he vanishes into the jet-bridge. Fuck. ", "Stubborn, aren't you?" He´s planning a journey with Ash after all. Family Word count : 992 Rating : T? The illuminating quality of hurt/comfort can be used to explore characterization. Not much is known about his personal life, or other personal interests besides pole-vaulting, and that he was offered multiple scholarships for it, and later on, photography which he continued to pursue. Eiji laughs and Ash feels unable to let him go, he doesn´t want to let him go, not now, nor never. I'm Jess. Browse through and read kijinami eiji fanfiction stories and books Eiji inhaled, taken by the surprise and Ash just kissed him without any warnings. Ash takes a moment to examine him, gently mapping over Eiji's sides and his upper chest. He glares wordlessly as she tuts, clicking her tongue sharply and marching out. I´ll help you defeat your enemies, I´ll do everything for you, Ash. Being paranoid feels justifiable at this rate. Hoshimiya Eiji (星宮 エイジ, Hoshimiya Eiji) is the main protagonist of the Big Order series. He's never bothered to surrender to pain or a means of defeat, no matter how it has tried to be inflicted him, and keeps himself awake now due to the edge it is giving Ash, leveling his concentration. Eiji loves Ash because he´s strong enough to love him in return even when his heart has been shattered before. “At first I thought you were a constellation. Nobody ever told Ash that before. "Let me—", "—I'll be okay, I promise." And they get lost in each other´s gaze. "It's right up here. And Ash has never been a hopeless romantic but he would like to have a stupid happy ending with Eiji. Rated: K - Indonesian - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,530 - Published: 2/14/2014 - Complete. Because he knows he can´t escape from his fate. Ash only meant it if Eiji was in too much danger. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 Videos 7 References Eiji was the first person to Ash who has done something good to him without wanting anything in return, Eiji wants to protect Ash despite his lack of experience with fighting, using guns or being part of a gang. Im better at drawing than writing but it cant hurt to add more fluff to this fandom so– Enough. And wherever he goes, Ash must follow, the whites of his eyes rolling. He would like to cry like a little boy and scream endlessly. You´ll be Ok, Ash and when everything finishes, I´ll take you to Japan with me and we will live together there. If I have to fly again, I´ll fly. What the hell is in that!! BNHA) (Assassination Classroom X BNHA) When professional assassin (Y/N) Kinzoku gets thrown into an alternate dimension during a job, she finds that it’s gonna take a whole class of hero trainees to help her get home. Eiji sees him that way. Maybe he will never be free because Ash has understood that even if Golzine dies, there will be more enemies, there will be more wars. "Ash is… well, right now…", "He's in critical condition," Charlie interrupts the seemingly now awkward Ibe. Kategorie: Fanfiction / Serien und Podcasts / Buffy & Angel / Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen. ANOTHER LIFE || Banana Fish: Alter... by ejaykim. the link, By Mark VII Fan Fiction Realm Janet and Ginger are always Welcome. His vision blurs. More. "I'm so glad you're okay!" Ash knows Eiji´s promises can be just meaningless words. Maybe he didn't know the kid so well, maybe he wouldn't like the final result. Maybe Ash would like it. 130 2 11 Games » King of Fighters. He does as told, repeatedly, eventually relaxing his facial muscles and upper body. Not like he desperately wanted to. * SanitySlippage: Eiji's fall to villainy here is a result of this. In turn, Eiji befriends a girl named Alfreed. Isn’t that lethal?” Kagome asked. And no one but Eiji has ever seen him and Ash realizes that´s the reason why he has fallen so hard for Eiji: because that boy sees him, he sees the real Ash, not the strong and cold Ash but the hurting Ash, the imperfect Ash, the Ash who´s a killer, the one who has a thousand things to be ashamed of. "Bathroom. Ash only allows himself the smallest scraps of comfort from Eiji. “Maybe…” says Eiji and both of them start laughing again before getting up from the floor and when Ash takes his hand again, the Japanese boy knows that Ash makes any place his home. No one else in the village had gotten hurt; it was an overwhelming victory on all levels. FanFiction. Eiji chokes out a sob, pressing his forehead heavily against the steel. Der Thriller fand durch seine im Vergleich zu anderen Shōjo-Mangas actionreiche Geschichte und den realistischen, klaren Zeichenstil auch bei der männlichen Leserschaft Anklang. (“After cleaning that mess, I need one,” he’d grumbled.) Kategorie: Fanfiction / Serien und Podcasts / Hawaii Five-0. and in case of Janet, "Kajakat" also by all authors, within their site already "Johnny's Green Pen", 13 years. "You two…" Charlie sighs, observing from the doorway. "Forever if I had to. Ash is a tall and slender young man standing at 5’11. This is what all Ibe ever wanted since he took his photos needed for the magazine article — for him and Eiji to go home in one whole piece. Eiji (2 eiji stories) Subscribe for tag feed Exclude this tag from all searches Promoted - Advertise [M] Familiar Affairs. "Don't, Eiji!" Ash would like to wrap Eiji into his arms and take him away to another universe, to another life. He told Eiji to go. That's when Eiji bursts in on a pair of crutches, wearing the same hue of washed-out green for a hospital gown on Ash. This fanfiction concerns Rouge the Bat being abused by Shadow the Hedgehog, and Knuckles the Echidna coming to her rescue. "Whrrss…" he slurs out, rubbing his fingers over his eyelids. Eiji whispers something grateful, using her show of friendliness as an excuse to look away from Ibe. Source: emeraldeyes23 Pinned Post banana fish ash lynx eiji okumura anime manga ash x eiji asheiji ash eiji fluff hurt/comfort bananafishrbb ao3 ffn.net wattpad my fan fic writer artist collaboration fanfiction Jetzt beginnt meine erste Fanfiction. And suddenly Eiji discovers that´s not about the place. Probably to find someone bigger and more trained to kick him out of this section. Something's wrong. After the pain comes Ash is calm again and he smiles as if his lips were made only for that. The USA, Japan, the leather sofa in the middle of the room: all those places are fine to spend his life with Ash by his side. By the title I mean any stories that he has some sort of double life? Ash wakes up, gradually and numbed out, contorting his expression. And Eiji hates to further disappoint Ibe after they managed to escape with their heads. von Angelus Knight. Charlie grunts, eyeing Ibe and digging around for a cigarette. "I don't know what happened, and I don't blame you, but… why …" He smiles, big and brilliant, and calls out Ash's name, hobbling over. von Severus-Snape. You're not supposed to be in here—!". It's where your interests connect you with your people. Eiji lying still and pale in that hospital bed. Eiji Kikumaru (菊丸英二, Kikumaru Eiji) is a 3rd Year Regular in the Seigaku tennis team and predominantly plays Doubles with his partner, Shuichiro Oishi. He needs something — some glimpse of him or a sign that he's alright. ", Eiji lifts himself out of his seat immediately, faltering and gasping loudly as a red-hot stretch of agony overtakes him. He tunes out the other passengers. Browse eiji fanfics and stories. A life where fear, pain and war don´t exist. And Eiji loves all of him, he loves him deeply, unconditionally and that love is like a shelter. Eiji dan kayin mengalami kesialan beruntun hanya karena tutup botol. Is in that moment when Eiji´s eyes open slowly and the tears that Ash was holding seem to disappear at the magical awakening of the boy who´s lying in front of him. He would give everything he has just to have the chance of being something permanent in Eiji´s life. Maybe he might take him to all the summer festivals, Ash is not much of a spiritual person because he´s a science man after all but who knows. Banana Fish One-shots →Requests Open← Fanfiction ☆REQUESTS OPEN☆ COVER MADE BY: @summer_star_ An array of … "Your little boyfriend has been stirring up quite a bit of trouble for us, you know… even if he's a cute one. “I´m just…” says Eiji not knowing what exactly he´s doing. More than anything, anyone. I will defend you no matter what. "Well, well, Sleeping Beauty has finally decided to join us," his nurse says dryly, smoothing the front of her uniform. However, it is assumed he has led a normal life until the events of Banana Fish. If you have to fall, I´ll catch you in the end. "I'll walk him, if that's alright," she offers, gesturing for Eiji's hand and helping him maneuver into the aisle sympathetically. He deserves to be happy. Maybe Eiji would teach him something about that easy, peaceful and quiet world he had lived in before meeting Ash. "Careful, you're still injured from everything," Ibe scolds him, hurrying onto his feet and grasping onto Eiji's shoulders. "Thank god," he whispers. Or: A World when you can have multiple soulmates, each marked by a circle around your wrist with a random color, the same appears on your soulmate's skin the first time they touch. And there's a plane ticket and Eiji's letter crumpled up, smeared red in Ash's coat pocket. Their love is all they have and in that very moment, that love is all they will ever need…. FanFiction | unleash ... Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Words: 901 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 10 - Published: 1/17/2019 - id: 13181197 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten - Eiji, are you sleeping? Seite: 1 - 2 - 3 ... 28. Her are the names of a few of my favorites: "Be Prepared" by SIA "Detached" by Satchie "MIND OVER MATTER" by Gwen Doucet "Mountain High" By Emom (This one can be found on Fan Fiction) "THAT SINKING FEELING" by Gwen Doucet "Where's Johnny?" eijiokumura ashlynx bananafish eiji ashxeiji asheiji shorterwong ash anime banana singsooling eijixash shorter fish maxlobo yutlung fanfiction fluff bl blanca. He is sometimes associated with a green earring that was given to him by Dino … The Chaotix arrive to help Knuckles, but betray him for money and tie Rouge to the railroad tracks. Title: Make A Wish Author: Alexis Pairing/Characters: Oishi/Eiji Rating: PG Warnings: sap, wee bit o' angst (not really even there) Word Count: 699 Summary: It's Eiji's birthday, and it seems like someone forgot all about it. "Going to the place I felt safe. Their fingertips fall short of touch-contact, like before. … “Eiji, hush…” says Ash and he can´t help but hate himself a little bit more because if Eiji has learnt how to be in permanent alert is because of him. Like if he’s a secret agent or spy? “What are you doing?” says a voice behind him and Eiji smiles as Ash wraps him in his arms and his blond hair tickles on his cheek. Sonic and Blaze also discuss Blaze's abuse at the hands of Silver years past. He feels himself collapsing and then steadies, grabbing onto the escalator-belt. "Eiji…" Ash mutters this, burying his face into Eiji's shoulder-joint, pouting and sniffling, mopping his wrist furiously over his damp eyes. Featured Eiji Anime/Manga Fanfiction. Oft treffen nur die verschiedenen Charaktere aufeinander und erleben Abenteuer. "With all of us. “You guys wanna get food first or after?” Mina asked when your complaints dwindled down. It was part of the reason Ibedecided to bring him to New York with him. "Ash…", Jade-green eyes flutter open. No, of course love can´t fix everything but they love each other and sometimes what they feel is more than just love. /Canon AU. It's where your interests connect you with your people. That´s what Eiji feels whenever Ash is in his arms, the same place where Ash is in that very moment. There was a suspenseful silence and then… “Oh dear Kami!!! She hurrumphs, pouring him a glass of ice water on the tray-stand within Ash's reach. How beautiful is that, I say. "No!". Eiji Hino is the son of a politician who travels the world with his grandfather. Eiji is sure that Ash feels a pain like that, an endless pain that the green eyed boy tries to hide every day, a pain that Eiji can see through Ash´s smile. “It´s OK, I like watching you…” says Ash. - Before you said forever, right? Their love is the place where they are stronger. Because Eiji is trying to protect him, because no one but Eiji has ever tried to protect him. Eiji feels relieved because even when they have had happy times lately, he´s still afraid of losing Ash because there have been many times in which he has almost lost him. Eiji relaxed and just gone with a flow of feelings. Inhalt ist versteckt. One or two people stare back as he spins around, confused, muttering to each other or avoiding eye-contact. There are no such loose laws on guns or juvenile criminals where they're from. Ash reaches out blindly for him, panting. A puppy. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. To return to Japan, far away from this, all of this. We have hope, Ash, please believe me…”, “I do…” says Ash and he closes his eyes as his arms hold Eiji tighter. Why do we want the people we can’t have? Eiji bellows out, wincing, staring around at the gate. He´s happy. He kneels down, gripping the side-rail with both hands. Arriving in New York, he gets caught up in ongoing events and helps Ash Lynx as he uncovers the mystery surrounding banana fish, refusing to head back to the safety of his home country of Japan. Of course he doesn't know what Ash means. There’d be times Eiji would ask with a light hearted laugh, “Ash, we just bought boba, what’s wrong?” delicately wipe the tear from Ash’s cheek to point it out. Geschichten 1 bis 20 (von 559 insgesamt): Lebewohl. 27 Mousai » Eiji Okumura es un estudiante de fotografía que recibe una beca para estudiar en Estados Unidos por un año. Eiji knows that love can´t fix everything, that sometimes love is not enough to heal a soul that has been hurt again and again and all over again. !” Was If there’s not I think I might write my own, I am personally thinking of writing it with a Durarara crossover. And they repeat the words as if it was a magic spell or a lullaby which will protect them from the bad memories. They will finally leave a place that´s full of bad memories, full of sadness and darkness. The pull from inside Eiji. Do you want to go to Japan right away?”. Hot tears streaming down Eiji's face. Having to glimpse down on Ash's severely injured and comatose body, and unable to do anything about it. Y/N was just a girl (or boy if you want) from the US. Ash was very complicated, but he was seventeen and he was raised in a hell. I want to write them a happy story with that song ❤️. Eiji’s the only calm place in the middle of a rough time . “Pervert…” says Eiji and the boy notices Ash is not smiling as he always does when he says such things. [Banana Fish AU! ] It´s such a pity that it isn’t spring because if it were, Eiji would take Ash to watch the cherry trees blooming. His normal attire consists of a white, loose T-shirt, blue jeans, brown belt and red sneakers. Alderheart nodded. He can't make himself admit that so easily, to hate anything, but Eiji hates feeling this way. That´s the reason he´s looking for the best places to take Ash sightseeing when they arrive to Japan. Stories Blogs Videos. About a year later, Eiji invited her on a trip to the US with Ibe for a report on gangs in New York. For him, it has been almost four days of recovery. He frequently looks out for Ash, spying for him and rescuing him when necessary. Eji knows that Ash is waiting for a comment, even a “thank you” would be enough but Eiji is lost for words. Dabei werden aber die Serien noch enger verknüpft. Just a Kid by UnholyTwilight. von Searose. Eiji is sure that Ash feels a pain like that, an endless pain that the green eyed boy tries to hide every day, a pain that Eiji can see through Ash´s smile. Everything greys out, darkening in the corners of his eyes. I write stories, I read books and I watch anime. “I love you…” says Eiji and at first, he doesn´t notice he has said “you” and not “them”. Nobody has given him flowers before and as of lately, Ash is his first time in that little thing too. As soon as they remove the IV and his oxygen tubes, Eiji sneaks out in the middle of the night. Eiji looks at the bouquet with a mixture of surprise, enchantment and wild emotions he didn´t know he was able to feel. Nov 09, 2018. myka-myka: bananafishlovers: Let me say this once and for all loud and clear, anybody who tells a fan-artist in the Banana Fish fandom to kill themselves and sends them Anon death threats because they where butthurt can kindly unfollow me. Ash lies out on a much larger hospital bed surrounded by whirring and beeping equipment, deeper into the building, but with no sterile curtains. ", Both men hesitate when Eiji suddenly bends over himself, chewing down on his lips, pushing his hands roughly over his face, as if punishing himself. But it´s not that easy, he knows it now. Ash makes it to the airport somehow and Eiji senses him. Anzeigen Neue Geschichte veröffentlichen Kategorie durchsuchen Sortieren nach letztem Update nach Autor nach Kapitelanzahl nach Erstellungsdatum nach Titel. Eiji laughs and turns around into Ash arms until his eyes are staring into Ash´s eyes. “Everything´s just going to be fine, I promise. Rated: T - English - Suspense/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,535 - Published: 2/4/2016. Hi all! Tony and Steve dont get along, and in a… Eiji wipes under his nasal cannula, looking around frantically at the blank white walls of a hospital room. Ash is not weak, of course, but he´s human and all humans need to be broken so you can rebuild yourself again. Ash x Eiji In his arms (F) Ash x Eiji Omegaverse & Soulmates (F-S) Ash x Eiji In the Morning (F) Ash x Eiji Bakery (F) Ash x Eiji Bakery (F-S) {2} Ash x Eiji Possessiveness (F-S) 1K Ash x Eiji College (F) what happened to pasteldemon69 New Reading List. “Are we really going to watch the movie this time?” asks Ash remembering the last time they tried to do such things. Summary: Eiji got a bruise. Shorter Wong is Ash Lynx's best friend and partner. And to all the readers here: any thoughts/comments you have are so welcome! But at that point he hardly doubted it. Ordinal Scale FanFic Fanfiction. Crossover: Die Fanfiction beinhaltet eine Mischung aus zwei Geschichten. "You need to stay calm. In the story is going to basically how as... shoyo; eiji; bananafish +16 more #17. - Not yet - he turned to Ash - I wanted to talk. Like before.". Eiji realizes that every place in the world is a worth living place if Ash is there with him. Your review has been posted. This is a Sword Art Online Fanfiction, it is based mainly around my own created Sword Art Online character based mainly from Sword Art Online Integral Factor mobile game and Yuuki Konno a character from Sword Art Online II. Eiji tilts his head. It's starting to open up further and leak again, darkening his sweater and making the thin, wiry-soft fabric like adhesive to his flesh. Almost a year and a half since SAO was cleared. Or overheard the commotion. She folds her arms, unimpressed by his temper tantrum. Ash Lynx, the amazing and stunning Ash Lynx wishes to be a man with the right of having hope. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Ash lowers his eyes. They had been talking about it for a long time and one day, Ash simply came home with two tickets to Japan. He doesn't think the doctors operated there. Cry it out. I LOVE,,,, THE REAL CANON ENDING. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Eiji was petting it. Eiji´s eyes where set on different images of paper cuts he has got from a magazine. “You don´t need to plan anything”, says Ash kissing Eiji´s forehead. Eiji knows it´s stupid to feel such thing but he would feel better if they ran away of everything. Eiji had had the feeling enough times to recognize it, the tingling under his skin and the warm feeling in his chest. Shorter was holding it. Bakugou to your left and Kirishima to your right. YEP. Sort by: Hot. What he doesn’t expect however is a certain sun-kissed male with tattoos and a bad smoking habit to intrude. Eiji knows that love can´t fix everything, that sometimes love is not enough to heal a soul that has been hurt again and again and all over again.

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