things to check before renting an apartment in dubai

Another one for the drivers – check the parking situation at your chosen home property before renting property in Dubai. If you see a bit of a scruffy mess and obvious maintenance issues, it suggests a poor level of management, and it may be better to strike the property from your list. Some might collect rent on the day you move in or on the 5th. 40615 apartments for rent in Dubai on Air conditioning costs are usually in addition to your DEWA (water and electricity) bill, and they can be high in summer. Another one for the drivers – check the parking situation at your chosen home property before renting property in Dubai. Most apartment blocks will have some kind of shared pool facility and gymnasium as well but not all of them so choose carefully. Off Plan Villas. Real Estate developer websites – Rocky Real Estate, Better Homes, SBK realty, Mohebi Properties, etc. Therefore, it is extremely important that you are certain you have found the right place. The lower the number of checks the better can you negotiate on the annual rent value. Rentals plummeted after 2008, but have been either rising or stable since. What you should do if things go wrong in Dubai Many problems originate from buyers or people renting not seeking legal advice or reading their … Downtown (1BR apartment): 95000 to 115000 AED per year. Read through the contract: In order for the agent to draw up the contract, you will need to provide … Are there places to buy everyday groceries nearby? Our cell phones are more important in our lives than ever before. Analyze the neighborhood before you finalize a property. If you register your tenancy agreement in a legal way and have clarity about the terms and conditions to abide by then the process of reserving the property and moving in becomes simple. If it’s family areas you are interested in, our blog best residential places for families will give you some idea. Worth reading,good material to know about places . Guarantee the landlord is actually the owner of the property. It is also a good idea to try out your journey to work or your children’s schools at rush hour to make sure it is manageable. It is essential that the agent has its own identity card shows before any … Ask about the access points in the building and make sure you are provided with the necessary swipe cards or keys. Make sure all service charges have been settled by the landlord before you move in. It is considered to be one of the most prime areas in Dubai – and its high rental prices reflect this! If there are any maintenance issues, make sure they are fixed before you move in. The best way to get a head start on finding a place to rent in Dubai is to look online. We hope you enjoy the rest of the blog! Make sure that you understand the annual rent terms that are imposed on most of the apartments in Dubai. Life will be a lot nicer if you are not all spending hours in the car every day, sitting in traffic to get to work or school. A Verified Listing has the seal of approval that the listing is authentic and available to rent in Dubai. As we previously mentioned, although Arabic is the national language in Dubai, everyone speaks English as it’s the most… The Dubai Land Authorities have a list of approved brokers, and this is a good place to start when finding an agent. A reformed newspaper journalist, IL loves writing about the UAE, as the speed of change means there is always something new to say. Types of Apartments. You need copies of your passport, UAE residency and Emirates ID to receive an offer letter – this needs to be signed after paying the security deposit to block your apartment. You might then have to submit copies of your passport and even the work visa if you are an expat. If you don’t drive, make sure your dream pad is handy for public transport, or, that there is a handy supply of taxis in the area. Look for the accessibility of the essential amenities, safety and the connectivity of the neighborhood. Newspapers – Newspapers are still a reliable way to know about properties for rent. If you want to use real estate agents to rent residential apartment appropriate, you should first be sure that the agent you are dealing with is registered with the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Foundation. Go to any typing center with your documents and … Times Square Centre: A community shopping spot on Sheikh Zayed Road, 13 Annual events and festivals in Dubai to look forward to every year. Make sure that the apartment is in a liveable condition and request the required maintenance activities to be done well in advance before you move in. Among them, the size of the apartment and its location holds paramount importance. Though initially, it might seem a tough task, renting a house in Dubai is relatively simple. It is best to find somewhere that is convenient for your work or that of your spouse, and if you have a family, your children’s schools. You might be asked to submit several checks for the payment. Business Bay (1BR apartment): 80000 to 105000 AED per year. Also, take a good look around the communal areas of your building or development to assess the cleanliness and state of repair. Think very hard about the kind of person you are and whether you are going to enjoy living among the people who already reside in your chosen pied a terre. It is very common for landlords to request tenants to return the property exactly as it was handed over to them, including giving it a fresh coat of paint. When you look around an apartment or villa before renting property in Dubai, while it may be tempting to take the first place that has light, airy rooms you crave or has been beautifully staged by an agent, one of the most important factors is location. The essential 10: 1. Even if you are impressed by the images posted on the listings make sure that you actually visit the property before finalizing A true experience of the locality and the amenities that the apartment offers can help you understand whether the rent is worth it. The rent may well be within your budget, but what will your additional costs be? So do not hesitate to discuss an offer with the landlord. Usually, this is the first question to ask when renting an apartment. When searching for an apartment for rent in Dubai, residents should always keep in mind his/her priorities before signing the tenancy agreement. A lot of cleaning companies offers maids per hour in Dubai. Others might accept credit cards but with a fee attached. If you register your tenancy agreement in a legal way and have clarity about the terms and conditions to abide by then the process of reserving the property and moving in becomes simple. Make sure your tenancy agreement tells you exactly what you are liable for – ie some landlords add clauses saying any maintenance jobs under AED 500 are the tenant’s responsibility, while many tenants believe that even the tiniest of maintenance tasks being the landlord’s job. Apartments for rent in Dubai now in a huge demand, if you want to know all the facts about it, go through the article. While it’s usually the landlord’s responsibility to repair damaged … 1. The amount you will have to pay as rent for an apartment in Dubai depends on numerous factors. Make sure you choose a registered broker if you’re going through an agent on your house hunt. Before that, check out a few things: Make an inquiry about the previous service charges of your apartment and get in writing that all have been settled by the landlord. If you don’t drive, having a handy minimart in your building or community can be a convenience you are eternally grateful for, particularly during the hot summer months. Start with the walls and floors. Once you have found a property you like, consider popping back there at different times of day to find out what noise levels are like, for example from any nearby rush hour traffic, or nightspots in the area. In fact, finalizing your neighborhood and then looking for properties can be a better way to start your search. Air con costs can be high in summer so it’s if it’s a large space, see how well insulated it is and factor the possible cost into your living expenses. Appliances. Ultimate Guide to Renting an Apartment in Dubai 45 Shares Dubai’s property sector is expected to rise this year with developers across the city planning to complete another 31,500 apartments and 12,500 villas and town houses, including City Walk by Meraas, Damac’s Akoya, Dubai Wharf by Dubai Properties and Emaar’s Mira. This is also the area around the popular Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. Is it within your budget? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks Yasir for you kind words. Buy Property ... Off Plan Apartments. Great websites to find a house or apartment to rent include: And the other reason could also be because there are plenty of apartments for rent in Dubai that come furnished. In Dubai, where the climate is hot for the most part of the year, air conditioning or chiller is a pre-requisite you need to look into before renting an apartment. Be careful that your apartment has dedicated parking and the facilities that you want. Finally when it comes to signing the tenancy agreement make sure that there are no dues on the apartment you are renting. Make sure if the property is not already in good condition you know who is to be responsible for making it right before you move in. Reservation of the property involves payment of a security deposit. Some landlords require an EFT direct deposit. Suburbia: Villas located in the older areas of Dubai like Jumeirah or Umm Sequim will be similar to a suburb in other parts of the world. We hope this blog helped you navigate the world of property rentals in Dubai, whether you are renting an apartment in Dubai or renting a villa in Dubai. According to rental transaction data from Data Finder, for apartments you can now rent a one bedroom in Dubai’s Damac Hills for Dhs50,000 and a studio for Dhs34,000 and with multiple cheques. You might assume the answer is the first of the month and by check. If you are looking to rent an apartment in Dubai here is some good news – the market prices are falling and the rents have also been dropping. A lot of apartment blocks only allocate one parking space per property, so if you are a two or more car household, check that there is somewhere else safe to leave your vehicle so you do not end up racking up parking tickets. Also, private pools and real grass lawns are lovely but consider what the costs are, ask your agent if they can get you an estimate for how much it will cost you each month. Is it accessible for things that are important to you, like sports facilities if you are the athletic type? In Dubai Silicon Oasis you can rent a one bedroom apartment for … There are many landlords who might add unrealistic terms in the lease or rental agreement. We don’t use it as often because Dubai is always online so internet research would already suffice. If you are lucky enough to receive a housing allowance, make sure you have been 5 and 10 % left at the top of your budget so you can manage any rent increases should they arise in future years. Or a cinema if you are a movie buff. Settle down the service charges if any, before shifting to your new house. Conversely, if you like peace and quiet, a property under the airport flight path or above a busy strip of restaurants and night spots if unlikely to be a good fit for you. If you are renting a larger space, see if your agent can give you an investment and try to establish what your utility bills are likely to be. Apartments For Sale. Another one for the drivers – check the parking situation at your chosen home property before renting property in Dubai. If you are a party animal, it is unlikely that you are going to gel with the neighbours if they are all families with young children, as they are liable to complain if you have regular noisy gatherings and wake up their sleeping children.

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