Who We Are

We are a group of people who  collect, buy or sell antique postcards.  Members of our club collect postcards of all types including views, greetings and topicals. View cards  provide  views  of towns, cities, landmarks and scenes . Greetings  include such events as birthdays, holidays  and special occasions. Topicals  display such  things  as animals, ships, airplanes, etc.  The subject matter for postcards  is nearly boundless.   Some people in our club have been collecting for a short time with collections of a few hundred cards, while other members have been collecting for 20-30 years with collections of thousands of cards.  It is this wide variety of interests and levels that makes our club appealing to most  newcomers.    The majority of our members live in the capital district of New York State, but club membership is open to anyone with an interest in old postcards.



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